VGSOHInterface et VGInterface fusionnent

Les deux grands sites qui proposent en téléchargement des Interfaces Personnalisées fusionnent pour devenir VGInterface, ceci afin de proposer une base de données centralisée à la manière de EQInterface ou EQ2Interface.

Retrouvez à la suite le communiqué contenant plus de détails.
VGSOHInterface and VGInterface will be joining forces.

Today we are proud to announce that VGSOHInterface and VGInterface will be joining forces to make one united site dedicated to the Vanguard Interface. has been the premier Vanguard UI site. We have devoted our time and efforts to bring a friendly place for the community to find and discuss UI related issues. We will continue this tradition now that SOE is taking the reigns. However, we will be doing so hand in hand with We will be merging our user database, and posts into their forum structure. This will consolidate to excellent sites, and communities, into one major site dedicated to Vanguard UI’s and Mod’s and the UI community. We will be officially announcing the merger later tonight, and would be delighted if such a merger could find it’s way onto the vgplayers site.

“Many exciting changes coming in Vanguard, and now some right here!

 Today I am proud to announce that VGSOHInterface and VGInterface will be joining forces to make one united site dedicated to the Vanguard Interface.

What does this mean for the users and authors here? First, all accounts and post are going to be merged, while it will take some time to filter the post into the correct category once completed No post should be lost nor user account. Once the site’s data is merged, you will be able to login to with your current login and password.

For the Author’s however, files will need to be moved manually. Due to the extensive difference between the file system (see below) there is no way to merge the files over. Once the move takes place simply repost you file. That leads me to the good news about having to repost. Below is a list of features that will be available on VGInterface to all authors and users.

•Downloads – A well organized safe downloads area for all to browse, search and download.
•Favorites list * – Add an interface to your favorites list so you can keep track of your favorites with the option of a webpage list, rss feed and email notification when your favorite interfaces are updated.
•Comments * – Add comments to interfaces in our download area. You can also receive email notification on newly posted comments on interfaces you are tracking comments on.
•Ratings * – Rate interfaces you have downloaded.
•Download CP * – Options to configure and change default settings of our download area. Also an entire download history of what you downloaded.
•Uploads * – Interface authors have the ability to easily upload their interface to our database and update it for future changes. Archives are kept every time you make an update so your old versions aren’t lost.
•Portals * – Interface Authors that have interfaces available for download in our database will be given access to create their own portal ( so that their users can receive even more information about their interfaces . The portal includes bug tracking, feature tracking, news, custom pages, custom menu links all with rss feeds and a few other things.
•Forums * – Ability to post in our forums, attach files, use private message system.
•RSS – Tons of rss feeds all over the site.
And much more…
(* Requires registration to use feature.)

So starting tomorrow 5/30 all post will be locked to begin the data transfer (this will prevent any lost of post). We will post a message on when it is all done that you can begin to repost your files. Below is an FAQ of questions we have already thought of. If you have a question that is not addressed here. Please visit ( and submit the question. It will be sent to all of us and we will answer it as quickly as possible.

SOE has a 5 year history with EQInterface and EQ2Interface, VGInterface already has very deep connections with SOE.

Q: What if I already have an account there with the same name?
A: In testing, it appears it will rename the inbound account slightly. While will have to take these on a case by case basis, you still should not lose any post from this site.

Q: What about the moderators and Admin from here?
A: We are in discussion with all Moderators, any that are interested are encouraged to contact me directly (Sokol) via PM to discuss the continuation of moderation on

It's very exciting for me personaly, as it feels alot like returning home. I got started with UI's way back in EverQuest, when wasn't anything mroe then an html site, and worked with Kudane, and Dolby during their rise to greatness, and look forward to doing so again! I'm confident this step firms up the UI community, and will bring us all closer together as a community!


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